Table of contents
  • Fatal Memories
  • Enix Engine
  • OathKeeper
    If you wish to help out with any of my projects then feel free to join HERE. There you can PM me with your proof of work, and the position on the team that you would like to go for.

Welcome to my projects page. Here you'll find all the latest updates on what ever im currently working on, so i guess you could consider this my own little personal portfolio. Have a look around and feel free to give critique on my work.

  • Fatal memories
  • Prepare to take on the spirit world and it's army while playing this unique and mind blowing game with stunning visuals and amazing story to back it up ____________________________________________________________________

  • Enix Engine
  • Design games the way you want them with PixelSoft's Enix Engine.

  • Oath Keeper
  • This is a side project that i will be doing in my spare time. It will be a sprite comic with all custom character sprites and will be just as enjoyable as a regular comic :].