Here is a list of known game engines that may be of use to you guys.

  • Game Maker

    Using easy to learn drag-and-drop actions, you can create professional looking games within very little time. You can make games with backgrounds, animated graphics, music and sound effects, and even 3D games! And when you've become more experienced, there is a built-in programming language, which gives you the full flexibility of creating games with Game Maker. What is best, is the fact that Game Maker can be used free of charge.

    You can do anything you want with the games you produce, you can even sell them! Also, if you register your copy of Game Maker, you can unlock extra functions, which extend the capabilities of the program. Game Maker comes preloaded with a collection of freeware images and sounds to get you started.


  • RMXP

    Introducing RPG MAKER™ XP, the latest entry in the RPG MAKER series that gives you the power to create your own original RPGs. Its popular and user-friendly interface has been carried over from RPG MAKER 2000, and its graphic capabilities, battle screen layout, and data packaging features are better than ever! By popular demand, this latest installment also contains a brand-new Scripting function. RPG MAKER XP is perfect for beginners and experts alike.


  • RMVX

    With RPG Maker VX you can create games with a resolution of 544x416, 32bit colours with a smooth, steady framerate of 60 fps. The ability to have characters run is now includes as a standard function and the in-game default font has been changed from previous versions for easier reading.


  • Unity 3D

    Unity 3 is a game development tool that has been designed to let you focus on creating amazing games.


  • Unreal Dev Kit

    UDK is Unreal Engine 3 – a complete professional development framework. All the tools you need to create great games, advanced visualizations and detailed 3D simulations on the PC and iOS. The best tools in the industry are in your hands.

  • Pokemon StarterKit XP

    Not necessarily an engine but more of a Starter Kit. This kit is developed by CrazyNinjaGuy from PlanetDev, and it is still currently in beta. So far the kit provides a dual screen system, pokemon battle system, and much more features to come. In order to use this kit you MUST have RPGMaker XP installed