Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Enix Engine


Created By: PixelSoft

Coded in: Undecided

Release Date: TBA

What is the Enix Engine you ask? Well the Enix Engine is a High Quality 2D and 2.5D game engine that is currently being developed by the PixelSoft Team. This Engine will feature various amounts of features that will allow you to create games WITH or WITHOUT any programming knowledge whatsoever.

Planned Features for the ENIX ENGINE

  • Grid and non-grid based mapping

    With the use of this feature, users will have the ability to turn ON or OFF the GRID feature allowing for easier, natural, and more precise mapping.

  • UNLIMITED mapping layers

    NO MORE limited layers. Users will be able to create AS MANY layers as they want.

  • Event control system sort of like the RPG Maker Series

    Something like the event system of the RPG Maker series will be implemented into the engine, but with more features.

  • In Engine Sprite Editor

    Need to make a last minute touch up or forgot to add something to a sprite? Have no fear, with the In Engine Sprite Editor, you'll be able to make edits to any sprites already uploaded to your project's SPRITE directory

  • more to come

To make your lives easier while using our engine, we will be offering STARTER KITS. Some will be free and some will have a price ranging from 2 to 10 dollars depending on the quality and features of the kit.

Planned Starter-Kits

  • RPG Starter-Kit

  • Platformer Starter-kit

  • Isometric Starter-Kit


Unfortunately the ENIX ENGINE is still in early development and we are not able to show you any

Pease check this thread often as this post will be updated FREQUENTLY

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