Wednesday, February 23, 2011

RMXP Breeze Tiles

ok so while looking for some tiles today i stumbled upon these tiles called "Breeze Tiles". Breeze Tiles are simply AMAZING!!
The style of Breeze is just awesome

here is a screenshot of them in action:

So,i have put together a little pack with almost all of the Tiles, Autotiles,Templates, chipsets,& characters in it. Most of them have transparency so all you have to do is import them to RMXP,but for a large amount of the characters you have to do the transparency on your own.

You can download the pack Here

But if you do not want to download the pack then you can just go to the official site found Here

I will be putting together a little demo later on with all the tile passibilities and characters in it so keep watch ^_^


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